Declare a Climate Emergency that:

  • Responds with the full force of the federal government to climate disasters as they occur,
  • Redirects funding to building cleaner energy systems, resilient infrastructure, affordable housing, and good and efficient transit,
  • Halts crude oil exports, stops oil and gas drilling, ends the practice of leasing public lands and waters for fossil fuel production, and transitions our economy off of fossil fuels,
  • And uses over 100 other statutory powers to stop the climate crisis.

Can you add your name to call on President Biden and his administration to answer these demands now?


Congress grants the president various national defense powers that can be deployed during times of genuine emergency.

Since the National Emergencies Act was enacted in 1976, every president has declared at least one national emergency during their term of office. By declaring a national climate emergency, Biden can unlock these emergency executive powers to aggressively combat the crisis.

Some of these powers include:

- Halting crude oil exports,
- Stopping Oil and Gas Drilling in the Outer Continental Shelf, Restrict International Trade and Private Investment in Fossil Fuels,
- Growing Domestic Manufacturing for Clean Energy and Transportation to Speed the Nationwide Transition Off Fossil Fuels
- Building Resilient and Distributed Renewable Energy Systems in Climate-Vulnerable Communities
- Use the full power of the DPA (Defense Production Act) to expedite the transition to renewable energy

The climate crisis is here and our leaders need to start acting like it. We need President Biden to declare a climate emergency right now.